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The skins arrive at the MPG tannery fresh and salted.After a first selection, they are stored in special warehouses.

Before arriving at the actual tanning process, the hides that have passed the first selection are subjected to various processes that prepare themto absorb the right amount of tannins.

First of all comes soaking, a kind of bath, necessary to eliminate the excess salt and give the leather back the water lost during the storage phase.  Then follows the liming, unhairing and splitting.


Subsequently it passes to a first tanning phase where the skins are impregnated with vegetable substances that prevent decomposition without altering their flexibility and structure.

Then we move on to the stages that allow us to improve the skins’ aesthetics in order to make them usable and more workable.

The skins are compacted and evened.

With the dyeingphase, a “pass-through” colouring is provided in various colours,while the greasing phase gives softness and greater elasticity.

Then the skins are pressedand dried with care and attention. After further selections and checks, the skins are “finished”: in this phase they acquire the desired characteristics of brilliance, colour and appearance, according to the customer’s request.

Before the leather is delivered to customers, scrupulous quality checks are carried out on the product, for example:surface characteristics and thickness, as well as physical-chemical tests conducted on the basis of national and international regulations.

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