The tannery is part of the “circular economy”. Cows, calves and oxen are mainly bred for food (meat and milk). The tannery’s task is to give a second life to “waste from the food market“.Leather is an organic material, so the tannery recovers “waste”… thus giving it “new life”.

The MPG tannery guarantees the quality, ethics and traceability of its production. Through the traceability of the products, it is possible to locate the place the hides came from.

There are many advantages to using vegetable tanning: first of all, the low environmental impact and significant water saving, thanks to the recovery and treatment of the water at the “purification consortium” to which it belongs.

The company, particularly attentive to its production process, is adopting the ZDHC guidelines in order to pursue the objectives of“environmental sustainability –  cleaner chemistry – 2020 objective“, to better protect consumers and the environment.


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