The company’s philosophy is to guarantee and offer customers a product with a long history behind it, capable of lending itself to many interpretations, without losing the natural characteristics that only vegetable-tanned leather can provide.

“Vegetable tanning” is the most traditional and recognisable kind; the only one which can give the leather unmistakable properties, versatility and uniqueness.

Vegetable tanning involves using exclusively natural materials like tannins, i.e. extracts of vegetable origin, from chestnut, mimosa and quebracho, which ensure more sustainable tanning in order to protect nature and safeguard the environment.The use of tannins gives the leather unique colours and tones.

L’utilizzo dei tannini conferisce alla pelle colorazioni e tonalità “uniche “.

When the leather is like wine…

Vegetable-tanned leather changes over time. It is linked to the Tuscan region, it arose and developed there, and its roots lie in its history.

The finished articles are natural products which preserve all the characteristics of the raw material, with the addition of long-lasting resistance to time and weather.


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