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Vegetable tanning is an artisanal production process for leather, passed down by medieval tanners from generation to generation.

This precious artisanal tradition of the master Tuscan tanneries is now a combination of ancient recipes and advanced technology.


The importance of nature

Leather is a natural product worked on using a series of techniques known as “tanning”.

Tannins are organic substances extracted from plants, used in different concentrations. Each tannin has special properties that make each piece of leather produced “unique”.


One of the special properties of the leather produced by the MPG tannery derives from the choice of tannin used. In the purest tradition of vegetable tanning, mimosa, quebracho and chestnut bark are mainly used. Sustainable development is at the heart of MPG’s “production cycle”.

Thanks to the symbiosis between traditional equipment and modern tools, the MPG tannery is able to comply with European environmental standards.


Water, wind and patience

Vegetable-tanned leathers express the art, knowledge, skill and expertise that the craftsmen pass on from generation to generation.They are processed in wooden drums and air-dried.

It is a process based on the “slow passing of time” and the “correct drying of the leather”.

Thanks to the combination of these elements, the skins change constantly, absorbing the traces of time, ageing… but are not spoilt.

Vegetable-tanned leather has natural colours, with warm tones that tend to mature on the surface with use.


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