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“We are two women driving a tannery, we don’t see many of them” Sandra and Sabrina Giardi, MPG Industria Conciaria

Sandra Giardi joined the newly graduated family business at 19. His sister Sabrina at 29. It is now 20 and 30 years that the two sisters work side by side in MPG Industria Conciaria in Castelfranco di Sotto. “Sandra takes care of production, while I deal with the commercial sector – says Sabrina -. We help each other and compensate ourselves.

Who follows more certain markets, who others. We are two women at the helm of a tannery, born thanks to our father in the 1960s, as we do not see many. We are proud and proud of this ”. So as to enhance the tradition of vegetable tanned leather. “It is a product that has a natural appeal, we are happy with what we represent when we go around the world”.

A job done with passion, but not without sacrifices: “In some foreign markets, entering as a woman is not easy. For cultural reasons, they always expect to talk to men. But there have never been any problems. There is, of course, a lot of surprise in finding two women company owners, but when they know us, they respect us ”.

What is more difficult in female entrepreneurship is also being a mother: “It is hard to combine work and family, but we do it with pride. As a woman you have to be much more determined than a man, you always have to show more. But we have it in our blood. It takes a lot of grit, but women can do it. It is difficult but the results are visible ”.

editorial of 8 March 2019
editorial: LA CONCERIA

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